Hi! My name is Emily


Hey Mama, I am so glad you are here. Congrats on your pregnancy! I have ​good news and bad news.

The bad news is that the movies, the media, and likely family and friends ​have lied to you. You have heard one horrifying birth story after another. ​Before you go raising the roof, stay with me here, okay?

The good news is that childbirth does not have to be scary, and it is not ​always filled with screaming, yelling, and agonizing pain and trauma. While ​yes, birth can be intense, with the right tools, mindset, and people around ​you, labor can also be the most empowering, peaceful, spiritual, and ​incredible time of your life.

I am passionate about helping you achieve your most ideal birth.

Birth is more than the common “healthy mom, healthy baby” phrase.. It is an ​experience that begins your motherhood for the first time and each time ​following. It is your baby’s first moments in the world and these things DO ​matter.

Whatever type of birth you are planning, unmedicated, medicated, induced, ​c-section, freebirth, and in whatever setting you plan to be in, home, birth ​center, hospital, outdoors, know that I am here to support you, encourage ​you, and be your person in the most vulnerable time in your life. I’ve got you, ​mama. I am FOR YOU!

Love you already <3

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Birth is more than a “healthy mom, healthy baby”

Of course, a healthy mama and a healthy baby are the highest priority, but your ​experience matters too.


Having a doula can be a wonderful support for any birth ​experience and all moms! I am here to help pregnant ​moms and their partners throughout pregnancy, labor, ​and delivery.

Loving on mama after childbirth is one of the most ​important parts of the birth experience. Using the ​principles and actions of The First Forty Days, I am here ​to support you in this vulnerable time in your ​motherhood.

With CBI training in lactation, I can assist with those ​early days of breastfeeding and help you get off to the ​best start while also pointing you to more in depth care ​if needed.

Childbirth Course

Coming soon...Fall 2024!


How does it work?




Let’s Meet!

Thank you for considering allowing me into your ​sacred birthing space! I am honored. But, I also ​know that this is a big decision and it is ​important to choose the right person you jive ​with. I like to first do a no-strings-attached time ​to chat and see if this is the right fit!

Contract & Deposit

I will send over a contract and you will pay a ​deposit to secure your spot on my calendar. I ​only take a limited number of mamas due at ​each time to give every mom the best of myself. ​Paying a deposit allows me to block off your due ​date!

Prep for Baby Time!

Now that we have all of the important things in ​one place we can start working together and ​get you prepared for your birth or any other ​support you might need. You have access to me ​24/7 via text throughout your pregnancy and ​beyond.

Package 01

Pregnancy and Birth

As your doula, I am there for you. I am here to help you find your ​voice, to help you find comfort mentally, emotionally, physically, ​and spiritually. I am there to protect YOUR peace in whatever ​capacity you choose.

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3 Prenatal visits (20 weeks, 30 weeks, 36 weeks)

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24/7 “on call“ status from 38-42 weeks

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Continuous support throughout your labor and up to 2 ​hours after (no matter how long your labor is!)

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Packet of resources about labor, birth, local ​resources and recommendations.

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2 Postpartum visits, one within days of your birth to ​discus your experience and process the birth, and one 2 ​weeks later to check in and assess how you are ​adjusting and feeling.

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Special ‘new to the ​area’ discount for ​the first 3 clients!!!


Package 02

Virtual doula Support

I often call this the “daddy doula” package! Most often, this ​works for moms who are not local to me or want their husband ​to be their primary support person. This way, I am able to coach ​him through physical techniques to ease pain in labor, help walk ​a nervous new dad through the stages of labor, and help him ​know what to do to help this process.

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3 Prenatal chats (20 weeks, 30 weeks, 36 weeks)

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24/7 “on call“ status from 38-42 weeks

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Continuous virtual support throughout your labor via ​facetime or zoom (no matter how long your labor is!)

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I will be able to coach your in-person partner to guide ​you through labor and how to help you

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Package 03

The first days

Inspired by the book, The First Forty Days, I believe in caring for ​the mama as much as caring for the new baby. Bringing home a ​new family member can be stressful, exhausting, and ​overwhelming. Experienced in postpartum and newborn care, I ​would love to care for you and your family.

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Family and older sibling adjustment

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House cleaning and meal prepping

grocery, meal, pharmacy pickups

Breastfeeding, babywearing, bottle-feeding, and ​swaddling help

caring for baby and siblings while you rest and ​recover.

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online courses

out now out now

online ​Comprehensive ​childbirth ​education course

Coming soon...fall 2024

  • your keys to the healthiest pregnancy
  • Preparing your body for the most ideal labor
  • labor stages and comfort measures
  • Interventions
  • the first hours and days of your baby’s life

Contact me for details!

Kind words

I used Emily as a doula for both of my baby's births and if we lived in the same ​state I would 100% be using her again. Meeting with her before having my first ​baby was a great way to manage expectations as a first time mom who had no ​idea what to expect. My first baby came fast and furious and she showed up ​and quietly snuck in the room and it was like she was there the entire time. With ​my second baby, he was a homebirth turned hospital birth and she was an ​absolute Godsend. My husband was in shock and she stepped in to answer ​questions and quickly help my husband grab some essentials before we headed ​out the door. She is absolutely someone you want on your birth team.

Jesika Lane

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